class covata.delta.Event(event_details, host, event_id, source_ip, timestamp, event_type)[source]

An instance of this class encapsulates an event in Covata Delta. An event is an audit entry representing an action undertaken by an identity on a secret.

Creates a new Event with the given parameters.

  • event_details (EventDetails) – details of the audit event.
  • host (str) – the host address
  • event_id (str) – the identifier of the event object
  • source_ip (str) – the source IP address
  • timestamp (datetime) – the timestamp of the event
  • event_type (str) – the type of the event
class covata.delta.EventDetails(base_secret_id, requestor_id, rsa_key_owner_id, secret_id, secret_owner_id)[source]

This class describes the details of an event related to a secret. Information includes the secret id, the owner identity id of the secret, and the identity id triggering the event.

Additional information such as base secret id and RSA key owner id are also available for derived secrets.

Creates an instance of event details.

  • base_secret_id (str) – the id of the base secret
  • requestor_id (str) – the id of the requesting identity
  • rsa_key_owner_id (str) – the id of the RSA key owner
  • secret_id (str) – the id of the secret
  • secret_owner_id (str) – the id of the secret owner